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Due to COVID-19, all initial evaluation appointments for physical therapy and wellness services must be scheduled individually. To schedule an appointment, please call, (248) 962-3006 or email so that I may schedule you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you!

The journey to wellness and recovery looks different for everyone. If you would like to learn more about Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, or if you have questions about how to get started on your journey  -

call for a FREE 15 minute consultation!

Physical Therapy in-person or telehealth visits are available for any individual in Michigan looking to rehabilitate an injury, manage pain, improve strength, coordination or balance, and feel empowered through pregnancy and postpartum.

Wellness in-person and telehealth visits are for individuals in Michigan AND across the country looking for a licensed professional to consult on their wellness journey. I will assist you in finding the care you need from local healthcare professionals, and aid in your current course of care. Please see the Telehealth page for more information.

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