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Physical Therapy Visits

The care you need from the comfort and convenience of your home! Your time and safety is important to us during these changing times. However, we want to continue to serve you in any way we can on your path to recovery. 


Here’s what to expect for a virtual physical therapy visit:

We will connect for a secure virtual visit to discuss any concerns you have, screen you for any need for additional care from a physician to prevent any unnecessary trips to high risk areas, address changes in pain or discomfort, and provide you with evidence based intervention to help you move better, stay strong, and gain understanding and awareness of your body.

Wellness Consultations

Here is what to expect for a virtual wellness consultation:

Although I cannot connect with those outside of the state of Michigan for Physical Therapy services, I CAN connect with you for wellness based services, no matter where you live!


For a wellness consultation, we will connect for a secure virtual visit to screen you for any need for additional care from any healthcare provider including a licensed physical therapist, chiropractors, massage therapists or physician. Discuss options and provide resources for other providers in your area (lactation consultants, doulas, physical therapists, etc.) Direct you to resources regarding your questions or concerns. These virtual visits can be immensely helpful for anyone who is experiencing pain, injury, pregnancy or postpartum related concerns and isn’t yet sure where to turn.


YES! There are so many ways a licensed physical therapist can aid in pain management, stress reduction, injury prevention via telehealth to keep you on track for your goals of less pain, more mobility and improved performance! The research is showing us that providing quality care and accountability via virtual visits can be just as effective for patients. 


  • An internet connection and a device with a web camera and microphone (like a tablet, computer or phone) so we can communicate together. 

  • If you have any equipment (bands, hand weights, etc.) at home, it may be beneficial to have it nearby. Your session will be designed specifically for you and your physical therapist will be able to accommodate with any equipment you do or do not have.

  • Yourself, come as you are and leave our session feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to keep going at home!

Is a telehealth visit as effective as an in-person visit? 

What do you need for Telehealth?

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